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Pieter’s Itinerary is a rich and delightful Cultural Adventure across Sri Lanka.

Every day we were presented with new experiences with the best of Sri Lankan cuisine and excellent accommodation that championed the Environment and Sustainability.

From the carefully chosen food from roadside stalls, the temples, native animals and magnificent plant life, spicy cooking opportunities, the travel and the local guides - it was Superb.

We were so well looked after.

Pieter’s expertise as a top Chef along with personal local knowledge and a friendly caring disposition meant that we had a Perfect Tour.

Thanks Pieter.

Philip and Helen Clancy.

“ I had a fantastic time travelling with Pieter in Sri Lanka. His itinerary was very well planned and catered for a wide range of interests. I felt I gained a great insight into Sri Lankan life and culture; we visited many places of significance and interest and met many lovely people. Our hotels were amazing and the food was delicious!

Due to the professionalism of Pieter and his staff we were able to just relax and enjoy the experience, safety was never a concern. 

It was a wonderful holiday and I’d love to go back again some day."

Jane Ezard

'Thank you, Pieter, for a fantastic experience in Sri Lanka. The combination of a culinary and cultural tour to a terrific destination such as Sri Lanka gave us an insight into a rich culture that we knew very little about. Pieter, you were able to create a fabulous travel experience for us with your Sri Lankan heritage and your expertise as a chef. The expert local knowledge from you and your guides was an integral aspect of the success of the trip. The variety of amazing locations, incredible food, great cooking experiences and superb accommodation has left us with wonderful memories of Sri Lanka. We strongly recommend this tour as an outstanding travel experience.' 

Colleen and Don Blackmore.

We really had no idea what to expect from Sri Lanka, or the tour itself. We were overwhelmed on both counts. Pieter put together a 5-star tour with lots of surprises. Loved the food, and enjoyed the cooking classes. Have recommended the tour to all my friends who have Sri Lanka on their radar.


John Argentino.

Pieter’s tour was filled with culture, food, diverse scenery, elephants, cooking, local entertainment, history and did we mention the food? We stayed in some amazing accommodation that more than lived up to our expectations. The crew were friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Thanks Pete for providing us with a comprehensive Sri Lankan experience.

Maureen and Philip Buggy.

"Our trip was a wonderful balance of culture, food and scenery.  Pieter's tour took us off the beaten track to visit temples, national parks, spice gardens and plantations, but the highlights for us were the hands-on cooking classes and dinner on the beach at Galle" 

John and Noelene Pyle