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Fresh Chilli Sauce

Please note that not all sauces are available all year round. Contact Pete to find out availability and how to order online.

Pete's Singapore Red Chilli Sauce

Pete's Singapore Chilli Sauce is made with a blend of scotch bonnet and Thai red chillies and is the base for the famous Singapore Chilli Crab dish. Use simply as a sauce or blend equal quantities of sauce and sour cream to serve over Nachos. 

For a spicy marinade mix some of the sauce with oil and coconut cream and brush over meats to be grilled or add a spoonful to spice up your next stir fried dish.

Quantity 250 ml. Price 11.00

Pete's Jamaican Jerk Sauce

Jerk is a style of cooking of African origins that was popularised by Jamaican and Cayman Islanders. Pete's Jamaican Jerk Sauce is made to an authentic recipe with a balance of spicy, sour and sweet flavours. 

Traditionally used to make jerk pork and chicken it can also be added to fish or goat dishes. Simply rub the meat with the sauce and leave for a few hours or overnight if possible, then grill or cook in the oven.

Mix 1 tablespoon of the sauce with 1 tablespoon of oil and brush over BBQ meats for an added kick. 

For a BBQ sauce with a difference simply mix equal parts of Pete's Jamaican Jerk Sauce with good quality tomato sauce. 

Quantity 250 ml. Price 11.00

Pete's Green Halapeno Chilli Sauce

Pete's Green Jalapeno Sauce is the perfect accompaniment to all Mexican dishes, mix with sour cream and layer through Nachos or add to any vegetable dishes to liven up the flavour, mix with a bit of oil and brush over your roasted vegetables or kebabs. Great with Sushi or added to rice paper rolls. Mix with thick Greek yogurt for a quick and delicious dip.

Quantity 250 ml. Price 11.00

Pete's Naga Ghost Chilli Sauce

The Ghost chilli is rated at more that 1 million Scoville heat units which is 400 times hotter than Tabasco, the peppers intense heat make it a feature in competitive chilli eating contests.  This is my version of the famous 'Death Chilli' sauce. I have smoothed it out with the addition of apricots and dates, however, I still require gloves and eye protection when I am making it!

Quantity 250 ml. Price 11.00

Pete's Chipotle Chilli Sauce

Chipotle is a smoked Jalapeno chilli and is widely used in Mexican cooking, it imparts an earthy flavour to your cooking with a Jalapeno kick! I use this as part of a marinade for meats to be grilled. It can also be mixed in with mayonnaise and a dash of tomato sauce as an accompaniment to any meal (great for dunking your hot chips in).

Quantity 250 ml. Price 11.00

Pete's Mango and Habenero Chilli Sauce

The sweetness of the mango quickly dissolves into an assault on the tongue by the Habanero. This sauce is perfect for making buffalo wings and for marinating chicken and pork prior to cooking. Great with tacos, seafood and even added to your Bloody Mary for an extra kick.

Quantity 250 ml. Price 11.00

Pete's Sri Lankan Green Chilli Sauce

This sauce was created from a memory of one that I had as a kid growing up in Sri Lanka. A friends mum used to make her own sauces and this one was a standout. Unfortunately I no longer have contact with that friend so this is my tribute to that wonderful lady and time spent picking chillies in the sunshine. I think she would approve.

Quantity 250 ml. Price 11.00

Pete's Sri Lankan Red Chilli Sauce

Another sauce created from a memory, this one is based on a sauce I used to have at a favourite 'Pavement Cafe' in Kandy, Sri Lanka. The business is long gone but the memory of the sauce has been with me throughout the years. The addition of tumeric to the sauce gives it a smoothness that I really enjoy. I hope you enjoy it too.

Quantity 250 ml. Price 11.00

Pete's New Mexico Chilli Sauce

This is my mildest chilli sauce and is perfect with anything Mexican. The flavours marry well with sour cream, beans and tomato. It also makes a quick and tasty dip when mixed with sour cream and chopped coriander.

Quantity 250 ml. Price 11.00

Pete's Peri - Peri Sauce

Variations of the sauce have been around since the 15th century when the Portuguese settlers in Africa came across the ingredient – an African bird’s eye chilli – and made a marinade with garlic, red wine vinegar, paprika and other European imports. Five hundred years on, the exact origins of this recipe are still debated as both Portuguese-Mozambicans claim to have created the special mix. Regardless, the recipe remains a celebration of the cultural legacy and culinary fusions of the region.   

Quantity 250 ml. Price 11.00

Pete's Trinidad Scorpion Sauce

This is my first collaboration with Steven Mott of Chateau de Chilli who is a fantastic chilli grower. This sauce has all the flavour of the Trinidad Scorpion chilli plus the addition of orange juice that gives it a smoothness that is easy on the palate. Perfect for use by itself as a sauce or use it as a marinade for your favourite meat or vegetable dish. Great mixed through stir-fry's to add a zing to your dishes!

Quantity 250 ml. Price 11.00

Pete's Oz Brain-killer, Lime and Black Pepper Sauce

This is my unapologetic kick-you-in-the-mouth sauce. If my other sauces play 'rope-a-dope' with your senses, this one comes out of the corner and smacks you in the mouth! A full mouth sensation that builds for a while. Another of Chateau de Chilli's contribution to my range. The addition of Lime adds a fruity acidity and the black pepper provides a pungent heat. The hottest sauce in my range at the moment.

Quantity 250 ml. Price 11.00