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Pete's Travelling Pans

Culinary and Cultural Tours

Culinary and Cultural Tours

Pete is packing his pans and travelling to Sri-Lanka. Join him for a luxury 16 day culinary and cultural tour of the Island. This tour is a must for lovers of food, architecture and  local heritage. Travel the Island in luxury air-conditioned coaches and stay in the finest 4 and 5 star hotels that have been chosen for their environmental 'Green' accreditation.

Five hundred years of colonisation by the Portuguese, Dutch and British have had a significant influence on the local cuisine and architecture. Discover the fusion of cultures, spices and food traditions of the Island with a Sri Lankan born Australian chef.

From the pristine beaches of the south to the cool climate hill country and on to the cultural triangle you will experience Sri-Lanka's food, architecture, history and unique hospitality with Pete and other local experts from ECD Holidays

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