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Can’t get enough spice in your life? Feeling decidedly un-spicy? Well you’ve come to the right place! How can I be sure of this? Let me explain: Firstly, take the word “spicy” pronunciation: /ˈspʌɪsi/. It means flavoured or fragrant with spice. Spice is what we do best. All our products are made with the freshest ingredients, in small batches, in a dedicated kitchen at our home in Heathcote Junction; a small hamlet nestled at the foot of the Mt. Disappointment State forest and includes the subtly fragrant Sri-Lankan Jaggery Beef Paste or generously flavoursome Thai Yellow Curry Paste. The adjective to the word spice is spicier or spiciest which gets us thinking of some spicier Indian east coast curries such as the Goan Xacuti and our take of the classic Thai Penang curry. For those wishing the spiciest we have the heady Thai Jungle curry paste with all of its peppery goodness! (Great for cleaning out the sinuses) and of course the fiery chilli hit in our classic Vindaloo paste. Spicy also means exciting or entertaining, especially through being mildly indecent, so we have created a range of exciting pickles, chutneys and marinades to help you entertain. If you wish to be mildly indecent with our products, we also have a range of rubs to season whatever you wish for the great Aussie BBQ!

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